Friday, April 8, 2011

In The Beginning

One would think that growing up in a quiet suburban town would be quite easy, and i'm not going to lie I had a quite normal childhood.  I played little league, soccer and spent my summers down at the beach.  School seemed to come easy to me and like every small town kid I had big dreams of something bigger.  After graduating high school I had the choice of moving away for college or to continue living at my parents house and commuting to the local state university, I chose the latter. The downfall to not moving away was that I saw the same people every day.  I went to the same local hot spots every week and hit on the same local girls.  This all became quite a bore for a kid like me who wanted more.

This desire for something different eventually lead me down a dark path, and before I knew it was into a routine of various vice's and addictions, and by the time I was twenty three I had landed myself in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  I moved back after my five week stay, which was more like a vacation than treatment to my parents house.  I tried my best to stay sober in the following months, but the same people I grew up with that had enabled me into getting myself into the trouble I had been trying to get away from came back into my life, and in turn all the substances that I had worked on staying away from were once again right back in my face.  After two years of an uphill battle I finally made the change of my life, and moved to a new town, far away from where I had grown up. So now I am all alone in a new city, starting a new life with people who don't know a thing about my past and the person I used to be.  This is my time for change.

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